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Why Choose Residencies With EV Charging Stations? 

The electric vehicle market continues to grow in India as people are gradually adopting cost-efficient and environment-friendly modes of transportation. In 2022, more than one million EVs were sold in India, which will increase to around 14 million annually by 2030, according to the Council of Energy, Environment, and Water.

The increased number of EVs on roads will increase the demand for electric vehicle charging stations. For the first time in India, the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) has offered EV parking and solar power in their residential apartments. Many private builders and residencies have installed electric vehicle charging stations on their premises which not only creates an additional source of income but also helps them attract potential customers.

This blog will discuss the advantages of installing electric vehicle charging stations in apartments and residential areas and how it can help land owners and builders create additional income and attract high-potential customers to buy homes in their premium residencies.

10 Benefits of Apartments With EV Charging Stations 

There is no doubt that demand for electric vehicles is growing at an exponential rate. To achieve seamless electric mobility, we need more charging stations so that it will be easy for EV owners to charge their vehicles. The presence of EV charging stations in Apartments will be a remarkable step towards mobilizing the full adoption of EVs in India. Here are the ten benefits of electric vehicle charging stations in residential areas and apartments:

1. Say Bye Bye to Range Anxiety 

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. But many people still think twice before purchasing an EV due to the fear of the unavailability of EV chargers if they run out of battery when traveling a long distance. It can be minimized when EV owners can easily charge their vehicles in their residential areas. Hence, many apartment buildings are installing electric vehicle charging stations to meet their residents’ growing need for charging stations. 

2. Convenient Charging

Residents can charge their vehicles while they sleep or while they’re at home, eliminating the need to drive to a separate charging location. The apartments with EV charging facilities help simplify EV owners’ daily lives. They don’t have to go to public EV charging stations to charge their vehicle. It will help in saving their time and money.

3. Increased Property Value

EV charging stations can increase the value of an apartment building, making it a more attractive place to live for potential residents. Nowadays, It has become an additional feature that many builders and real estate developers are offering to their potential customers to attract more residents.

4. Saves Money

Electric vehicles cost less to operate than traditional gas-powered vehicles, and charging at home can be even more affordable. It costs half the amount to drive an EV compared to a traditional ICE vehicle. Petroleum prices are quite volatile compared to electricity; hence, EVs are a better option in the long run.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Electric vehicles are a better transport option than traditional petrol and diesel vehicles as they do not emit greenhouse gases and air pollutants. EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions, so having EV charging stations in apartments will help move one step toward sustainable transportation.

6. Additional Revenue Stream

If you are installing an EV charging station in your apartment or residential area, you are also creating an additional revenue stream. You can also open your charging station to the public and increase your revenue.

7. Better Urban Planning

By reducing the need for gas stations and parking lots, EV charging stations can help cities become more walkable and livable. Imagine a city free from air pollution caused due to petrol and diesel vehicles. 

8. Reduced dependence on oil

By reducing gasoline use, EVs help reduce our dependence on oil, a finite resource that is becoming increasingly expensive.

9. Government Incentives

To promote sustainable mobility and achieve 30% of EV sales by 2030, the Indian government has launched many incentive and subsidy programs. You can avail of these facilities and set up an EV charging station at an affordable cost.

10. Future-proofing

As EVs become more common, having charging stations in apartments will become increasingly important, ensuring that residents can charge their vehicles no matter where they live.

Do Your Part to Create a Sustainable Future

Statiq EV Charging Station at Residency

EV charging stations in apartments offer many benefits to residents and property owners. Whether you’re looking to save money, reduce your environmental impact, or simply make your life more convenient, installing an EV charging station in your apartment building is a great choice. 

Statiq, a leading EV Charger provider is providing a free EV Charging station installation to residence complexes in India. It aims to boost electric mobility in India and fulfill the vision of sustainable transportation for a greener future. This initiative will allow EV owners to charge their EVs at their residencies which will help in saving them time. It will also benefit builders and real estate developers by contributing to their sales and revenue.

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