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Beat the Heat: Follow 5 EV Driving Tips in Summer

As temperatures rise during the summer, we often plan to keep ourselves cool and beat the scorching sun’s heat. Similarly, certain tips need to be followed to ensure a smooth EV ride during summer. Even though electric vehicles are known for their efficiency, the summer season can affect their performance. Hence, it’s essential to follow EV driving tips in summer for a hassle-free experience. Here are five essential tips to ensure your EV stays in top-notch condition during the summer season.

1. Park Your Vehicle in the Shade

One of the easiest ways to keep your EV cool in the summer is by parking it in the shade. While internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are powered by fuel, electric vehicles rely on battery packs. Prolonged exposure to heat can affect an EV’s performance. Parking your EV in the shade reduces the time it takes for the AC to cool the interior, saving battery power and extending the vehicle’s range.

2. Precondition Your Electric Vehicle

Interior of an electrc vehicle

Preconditioning is a useful feature that can save both time and battery power. Before heading out, always precondition your EV by switching on the AC while it’s plugged into the charger. This utilizes grid electricity instead of draining the battery, ensuring you start your journey with a cool interior and optimal battery charge.

3. Follow the 20/80 Charging Rule

The 80/20 rule

Adhering to the 20/80 charging rule helps cope with hot weather and prolongs the battery pack’s life. Charge your EV when the battery level drops to 20% and unplug it when it reaches 80% charge. This practice helps maintain battery health and efficiency.

4. Avoid Excessive Acceleration

Speedometer is showing excessive acceleration

While electric vehicles boast unbeatable instant torque, excessive acceleration during the summer can stress the battery pack, leading to overheating. To prevent this, refrain from aggressive acceleration, especially in hot weather conditions.

5. Limit Rapid Charging

Rapid Chargers

Rapid charging using fast DC chargers can cause the battery to heat up due to high kW levels. During hot conditions, limit the frequency of rapid charging and opt for AC chargers whenever possible to avoid overheating and preserve battery health.

Bonus Tip: Use Eco-Mode

Eco drive option is visible in the electric car

Most electric vehicles come with an eco-mode feature, which conserves battery energy by limiting power consumption for other vehicle functions. This mode also restricts quick acceleration, helping extend the vehicle’s range.

Choose Statiq EV Chargers for Hassle-Free Charging

Couple are going out on long trip

Statiq, India’s largest EV charging network, offers over 7,000 EV chargers across 63+ cities. You can conveniently charge your EV with both AC and DC chargers installed at our charging stations. Our chargers are equipped with advanced features such as surge protection, earth leakage, emergency stop, IP 55 rating, smoke detector, and fire safety. It automatically adjusts power output to match battery requirements, preventing overheating and damage during charging. Statiq electric vehicle charging stations are installed in prime locations such as malls, hotels, and public areas, ensuring that you can relax while your vehicle gets charged. Hope these EV driving tips will help you to maintain your electric vehicles. Follow Statiq for more EV updates.

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