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Why Restaurants With EV Charging Stations Are A Step Ahead? 

India has seen a surge in electric vehicles in recent years. According to research, the EV industry will cover 30% market of the automobile industry by 2030. EVs are the future of mobility, and the government is taking necessary steps to promote electric mobility among individuals and businesses through incentives. Efforts are also being made to strengthen the overall EV infrastructure in the country. The government also provides subsidies to business owners and individuals for investing in EV charging stations. 

With millions of customers switching to electric vehicles, the demand for electric vehicle charging stations is also increasing as EV owners will look for nearby EV charging stations whenever they travel. As a business owner, you can capitalize on this opportunity and can increase your business while creating an additional revenue stream. All you need to do is to contact the EV charging station provider and partner with them to start your business.

Restaurants, in particular, can set themselves apart by offering their customers a convenient and eco-friendly option for charging their vehicles while they dine. This blog will discuss how restaurants with EV charging stations are a step ahead of their competitors and why they should consider investing in this technology.

Benefits of EV Charging Station in Growing Restaurant Business

A restaurant is a place where customers stop and stay for a while. On average, people spend more than 60 minutes in restaurants when going for lunch or dining which is enough time for an EV charger to charge a vehicle fully. Hence, EV owners may likely prefer a restaurant with EV charging stations facility over others, contributing to the overall growth of a restaurant with EV chargers. Here are the benefits of EV charging stations in restaurants:

1. Attracting New Customers

One of the significant benefits of having an EV charging station at a restaurant is that it can attract electric vehicle owners. As people adopt electric vehicles and plan trips, they will definitely look for places where they can rest and charge their EVs simultaneously, and a restaurant is a perfect place for this. 

2. Additional Revenue Source

By having an EV charging station, a restaurant can attract new customers who are looking for a convenient and reliable place to charge their vehicles. It will also help them increase their business while creating an additional revenue source through charging facilities. 

3. Enhances the Customer Experience

Providing an EV charging station can also enhance the customer experience by giving them a reason to stay longer at the restaurant. Customers can enjoy a meal, drink, or coffee while their vehicle is charging, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

4. Boosts Brand Image

Installing an EV charging station at a restaurant is a bold statement of commitment to sustainability. It can help boost the restaurant’s brand image and make it more appealing to environmentally conscious customers. 

In today’s world, people are becoming more aware of the impact of their actions on the environment and are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. By having an EV charging station, restaurants can show that they are committed to being environmentally responsible and can appeal to customers who are looking for eco-friendly options.

5. Increases Property Value

The price of commercial land depends on the amount of footfall it receives. The EV charging stations help increase the property value of restaurants as more and more customers are becoming interested in eco-friendly options, which will increase restaurant footfall. It can be a major advantage for restaurants that are looking to sell their property in the future, as they will be able to command a higher price due to the added value of the charging station.

6. Cost-Effective

The cost of installing an EV charging station is relatively low, especially compared to the benefits it brings to the restaurant. The investment can be recouped in a short period through increased sales, increased property value, and reduced energy costs. The government also provides subsidies to the business owner for installing EV charging stations on their premises. 

7. Word of Mouth Promotion

Restaurants that have an EV charging station can easily earn word-of-mouth promotion among EV enthusiasts and electric vehicle owners. It will also help increase the revenue of the restaurants as EV owners may spend on restaurant services while waiting for their vehicles to get fully charged.


The restaurants with EV charging stations are a step ahead of their competitors by providing a convenient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective experience to their customers. It is a win-win solution for both customers and restaurant owners. By investing in this technology, restaurant owners can enjoy the benefits of subsidies and incentives from the Indian government, which will reduce their overall investment costs. 

As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow, the demand for charging stations will only increase. Restaurants that invest in this technology now will be well-positioned to take advantage of this trend and set themselves apart from their competitors. So, if you own a restaurant and looking for ways to enhance your customer experience while increasing your brand image, and property value, consider choosing the Statiq EV charging station franchise today.

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