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The EV revolution is sweeping across India, transforming the way we think about sustainable transportation. In the past few years, the EV sector in India has experienced significant growth, driven by a surge in fuel prices and government initiatives promoting the adoption of electric vehicles.

While the growth of the EV market is exciting, one persistent concern for electric vehicle owners is charging infrastructure. The availability and accessibility of EV charging stations play a pivotal role in facilitating the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. This blog will share the current state of EV charging stations in India, providing valuable insights into the number of charging stations across different states.

EV Sales Trend in India

Electric vehicle manufacturers are actively engaged in producing new models each year to meet the growing demand. In the fiscal year 2020–2021, 48,179 EVs were sold, a number that surged to 2,37,811 in 2021–2022 and further increased to 4,42,901 by December 2022–23. In 2022, the yearly sales of electric vehicles achieved a significant milestone by surpassing the 1-million mark, totaling 10,75,859 units.

This represents an impressive year-on-year growth of 212%, compared to the 3,45,067 total units sold in 2021. In the year 2023, India’s electric vehicle (EV) sales surged past the 1 million mark in just nine months, which took a year in the previous year. This uptrend highlights the increasing popularity of electric vehicles as a cleaner and more cost-effective alternative to traditional internal combustion engines (ICE).

Operational Public EV Charging Stations in India

According to BEE data as of March 21, 2023, a total of 6586 operational Public Charging Stations (PCS) are present in the country. Specifically, along the national highways, there are 419 operational PCS.

In the second phase of the FAME-India Scheme, Rs. 1000 Cr. has been dedicated to the expansion of charging infrastructure. The Ministry has approved 2,877 electric vehicle charging stations in 68 cities spanning 25 states and Union Territories. Additionally, under the same FAME India Scheme Phase-II, 1576 charging stations along 9 Expressways and 16 Highways have received approval.

Public EV Charging Stations in Different States (Sourced from

S. No.State NameNo. of EV Stations
1Andaman & Nicobar3
2Andhra Pradesh222
3Arunachal Pradesh9
12Himachal Pradesh27
13Jammu & Kashmir24
18Madhya Pradesh174
28Tamil Nadu441
31Dadar &Nagar Haveliand Daman &Diu1
32Uttar Pradesh406
34West Bengal189

Public EV Charging Stations on National Highways (Sourced from

National HighwayNo. of EV Stations
National Highway-101
National Highway-113
National Highway-1281
National Highway-133
National Highway-1301
National Highway-130A2
National Highway-130B2
National Highway-130C2
National Highway-1352
National Highway-1432
National Highway-148A2
National Highway-1492
National Highway-154
National Highway-150A2
National Highway-1637
National Highway-161A2
National Highway-1639
National Highway-1673
National Highway-167A1
National Highway-169A2
National Highway-195
National Highway-25
National Highway-202
National Highway-211
National Highway-223
National Highway-2282
National Highway-247
National Highway-2542
National Highway-264
National Highway-272
National Highway-2752
National Highway-283
National Highway-291
National Highway-34
National Highway-3012
National Highway-3051
National Highway-3075
National Highway-3093
National Highway-311
National Highway-3131
National Highway-321
National Highway-320D1
National Highway-3346
National Highway-348
National Highway-3462
National Highway-3472
National Highway-347B2
National Highway-351
National Highway-3532
National Highway-3651
National Highway-3910
National Highway-401
National Highway-432
National Highway-4439
National Highway-462
National Highway-472
National Highway-4811
National Highway-492
National Highway-56
National Highway-503
National Highway-5071
National Highway-5154
National Highway-526
National Highway-535
National Highway-53914
National Highway-559
National Highway-5651
National Highway-5810
National Highway-592
National Highway-68
National Highway-631
National Highway-642
National Highway-6482
National Highway-6522
National Highway-668
National Highway-674
National Highway-718
National Highway-7161
National Highway-727A1
National Highway-7304
National Highway-7312
National Highway-753
National Highway-752B2
National Highway-752C2
National Highway-7651
National Highway-7662
National Highway-812
National Highway-862
National Highway-915
National Highway-948A2

The above data is provided by BEE and sourced from the Press Information Bureau (PIB). This information represents the latest official data shared by the Government of India in March 2023. In recent years, numerous new EV chargers have been installed at multiple locations in India, and we will provide updates on this later.

Data Ref:-
Press Information Bureau (

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