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Statiq Organized EV Rally—EV’s Day Out at Leopard’s Trail in Gurugram

To foster sustainable mobility and promote EV adoption in India, Statiq, India’s largest EV charging network has recently organized a fun-filled EV rally at Leopard’s Trail, Gurugram. The event witnessed an overwhelming turnout, with 150+ EV owners and enthusiasts united to celebrate the future of clean and green transportation. Let’s find out what happened in the event in this blog.

JOSH Was High!

The atmosphere at Leopard’s Trail was charged with excitement as participants eagerly joined the rally, all geared up to showcase their electric vehicles and share their passion for eco-friendly commuting. From electric SUVs like the Tata Nexon EV, MG ZS EV, and Volvo XC40 to compact cars like the MG Comet, the rally showcased a diverse collection of electric vehicles, highlighting the growing popularity of electric vehicles in the country.

The rally kicked off at the HP Pump Leopard’s Trail Charging Station, setting off on a 6-kilometer route. Along the way, participants stopped in between engaging in an exciting treasure hunt activity, adding an element of adventure to the event. The spirited competition and camaraderie among participants added to the cheerful atmosphere, with everyone celebrating the joy of promoting sustainable transportation.

Delightful Interaction and Lunch

The rally concluded at the iconic Throttle Shrottle Cafe in Gurugram, where participants gathered for a lively interaction session with our team. EV owners shared their experiences of embracing electric mobility and utilizing the Statiq EV charging app for hassle-free charging solutions. Their insights and anecdotes provided valuable inspiration for those considering making the switch to electric vehicles.

To commemorate the occasion, we distributed certificates of participation, charging coupons, and Statiq stickers to participants as tokens of appreciation for their commitment to sustainable living. The event ended with a delightful lunch at Throttle Shrottle Cafe, where participants bonded over shared experiences and exchanged ideas for future initiatives.

More Events Coming Ahead!

Looking ahead, Statiq is committed to organizing more such engaging events to promote awareness and adoption of electric vehicles across the country. With each event, we aim to inspire more individuals to embrace the benefits of electric mobility and contribute to building a cleaner and greener future for generations to come.

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming events and join us in our mission to drive change through sustainable transportation solutions. Together, let’s power a brighter, cleaner tomorrow with electric vehicles and a commitment to environmental stewardship.

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