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Do’s and Don’ts of EV Charging: Best Charging Practices to Follow

There is no second thought about the popularity of electric vehicles, it is growing day by day. The EV revolution is gaining momentum, and with it comes a new set of social graces: EV charging etiquette. To enjoy efficient and hassle-free charging, one has to follow certain charging guidelines, or we can also call them tips. This blog will share the do’s & don’ts of EV charging that can help you enjoy efficient EV charging. With these tips, you can also help your fellow eco-conscious drivers. 

Statiq EV charging Stations


  • Plan Your Charge: Before heading out, use a charging station locator app such as Statiq to find stations along your route and check their availability. This saves time for you and avoids frustrating other drivers who might be low on battery.
  • Park Smartly: At all Statiq EV charging stations, there are dedicated parking spots where you can park to charge your vehicle. Always park in designated EV charging spots and ensure your car is properly positioned for easy charging cable connection. Avoid blocking access to other charging spaces or causing inconvenience to non-EV drivers.
  • Be Timely: Once your EV reaches full charge, unplug the charging gun and fix it back to its slot. You can also stop charging through the dedicated mobile charging app. Statiq users can easily Start/Stop charging through the mobile app. 
  • Stay up-to-date: From time to time, EV charging companies launch app updates. Stay up-to-date with your EV charging apps to avoid any glitches. Download the relevant app beforehand to avoid fumbling with registration or payment at the station.
  • Share the Knowledge: EV ownership is still new for many. If you see someone struggling to operate a charger, offer a helping hand. Sharing your knowledge fosters a positive and supportive EV community.
  • Follow the 20/80 Rule: Charge your electric vehicle up to 80% to maintain its battery health. Never deep discharge your EV battery; always plug in the charger when your EV battery reaches 20% battery level.
Statiq EV Chargers


  • Don’t Park Unnecessarily: Once your car is fully charged, move it to a regular parking space. Charging stations are meant to be shared, and someone else might be desperately in need of a top-up. Do not park your electric vehicle unnecessarily at the charging spot when you are not charging your electric vehicle.
  • Be a Litterbug: Keep the charging station area clean. Dispose of any trash generated during your charging session responsibly.
  • Tamper with Equipment: Charging stations are complex pieces of equipment. Never attempt to tamper with them or force connections. If you encounter any issues, contact the station operator for assistance.
  • Don’t push others to stop charging. Always wait for your turn to charge an electric vehicle if the station is already occupied with other electric vehicles.

Do’s and Don’ts at Statiq EV Charging Stations

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and positive experience for yourself and fellow EV drivers. Remember, a little courtesy goes a long way in promoting a sustainable and collaborative EV community. So, charge responsibly, and together, let’s pave the way for a greener future!



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