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Explore 700+ GLIDA’s Charging Points on the Statiq App

Generally, people rely on multiple charging apps to charge their vehicles. But now you don’t require different apps to charge at various charge point operators. Statiq has partnered with GLIDA to provide hassle-free EV charging across India. If you are a Statiq EV user, then you can now access 700+ Glida charging points on the Statiq app. You can discover Glida chargers, book charging, and pay conveniently with Statiq Wallet.

How does this affect your charging experience?

Currently, multiple charge point operators (CPOs) are present in the market with their charging networks. To use their charging network, one has to download their charging app and book charging from their official app. Managing multiple charging apps and maintaining a minimum wallet balance in each app is a hectic process; hence, it’s important to have an interconnected charging ecosystem where you can access multiple charging stations on one platform.

When you log into the Statiq app, you can find all the GLIDA charging points with green icons on the map. Just select any charging station near you and initiate your charging after connecting the charging gun (similarly the way you do for all Statiq EV chargers).

Discover, Charge, & Pay at GLIDA’s Charging Points through the Statiq app. 

With this partnership, Statiq aims to deliver seamless EV charging experiences for users across the nation. Apart from our existing 7,000+ EV charging network, explore Glida’s extensive network of over 700 EV charging points on the Statiq app. Moreover, you can also find electric vehicle charging stations from other charge point operators named Ioncharge, Sunfuel, Torrent Power, E-Fill, LithiumGMR, and others.


By leveraging interoperability and forging strategic partnerships, we’re facilitating EV adoption and contributing to the broader goal of reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. With every charge, we’re taking a step closer to realizing our collective vision of a cleaner, greener tomorrow. Download the Statiq app to explore India’s largest EV charging network.

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