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How Can You Earn With Statiq’s EV Charging Station Franchise Program?

Electric vehicles are now in trend in India due to their cost efficiency and low maintenance cost. Government is also very keen on making India a leader in E-mobility and has outlined an ambitious plan to achieve 30% electric vehicle sales by 2030. To fulfill this, the government has launched and implemented various policies and plans, including subsidies to customers and production-linked incentives to manufacturers. 

It is high time not only for the automobile manufacturers but also for the investors, customers, and business owners looking to enter the electric mobility industry and earn high returns on their investments.

Yes, you heard it right! The current situation is crucial in the EV industry as more and more electric vehicles are entering the market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 94.4% by 2030. It means an excellent opportunity for business related to EV services. 

The electric vehicle charging station is one such service that will be a crucial pillar of the EV industry. This blog will discuss the benefits of installing an EV charging station, how much it will cost, and the growth potential of having a Statiq EV charging station franchise. 

Hmm… You must be thinking about what Statiq is. So let’s introduce you to Statiq first.

What is Statiq?

Statiq is the largest EV Charging Network with a presence in 70+ cities having 7000+ charging stations and 30,000+ active users. The journey was started in 2019 with a vision to strengthen sustainable transport in developing countries by providing an accessible, affordable and reliable charging experience throughout the country.

Statiq Franchise Program

It is a franchise program launched by Statiq that aims to empower people with electric vehicle charging stations and help them create an additional source of income. With hundreds of franchise partners and trusted by thousands of people, Statiq is the largest EV charging network. It has partnered with some of the top brands in India, such as Shell, GMR, Adani, Mahindra, Tata Motors, DLF, and BLU Smart Mobility.

We are the pioneers and market leaders in building quality hardware and software solutions in the electric vehicle charging space. Get 360-degree support, from installing EV chargers on your premises to its regular maintenance ensuring seamless operations. We maximize your revenue and growth potential with our extensive network of EV charging stations.

Why Choose Statiq Franchise Program?

Here are the 3 key reasons for you to choose Statiq to set up your own electric vehicle charging station:


We are the first 100% made-in-India brand fulfilling the mission of Atmanirbhar Bharat. All our products are manufactured and designed by the brilliant minds of India. We are the largest and most trusted EV charging network growing at an exponential rate. 


We have 100% transparency so that you have complete visibility of your chargers and their usage with our Charging System Management Software (CSMS). In CSMS, you can monitor the revenue, the units charged from your charging station, and the amount of footfall it receives.


All the hardware and software solutions are built in-house, and we do not have an iota of dependency on the third party for technology. We provide end-to-end solutions to our customers.

What will you get as a franchise partner?

When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘We,’ even the ‘Illness’ becomes ‘Wellness.’

At Statiq, we believe in growing together. Our success depends on your growth, and we are committed to providing you with all the assistance required to get revenues on your investment. Here is what we will do:

  1. We help you to set up EV Infrastructure and share knowledge and expertise for smooth operations and management.
  2. Our EV chargers cannot be installed anywhere; hence, we help in site selection and conduct an audit of the site before installing the EV charging station.
  3. We provide complete technical/ non-technical training from installation to the operation of the EV charging station.
  4. We provide a site design and construction handbook with its SOPs, which will help you construct adequate infrastructure for installing EV chargers.
  5. You will get a Charging Station Management System to manage, optimize and track real-time charger utilization and functioning.
  6. We list your charging station on our largest pan-India network of EV charging stations to drive more business.
  7. We also help you to increase revenue through advertising on our Statiq AdWall.
  8. We provide you with collateral for all our hardware and software solutions, so you don’t miss anything.
  9. Get 24*7 customer support from our dedicated team for a seamless experience.

What do you need to do as a franchise partner?

  1. You must have a suitable land where the charging station can be installed.
  2. Acquire electricity connection as per requirement from local discoms.
  3. Get necessary licenses from local bodies. You can also reach out to us, and we will guide you through the process.
  4. We help you set up infrastructure for dedicated electrical cables to transmit electricity from the connection point to the EV charging station.
  5. Incur the cost associated with EV charging stations, including procurement, commissioning, and transportation of the charging infrastructure.
  6. Support the business with maintenance costs for infrastructure and on-ground management.
  7. Adhere to all SOPs shared by Statiq and participate in routine reviews.

Benefits of the Statiq Franchise Program

Minimal Capex

It starts at just 14 lakh rupees

Risk-Free Investment

Minimum Guarantee of INR 3Lakh / Year

High ROI

900% growth in 10 years  

No Security Deposit

Because we trust our partners

Immense Growth

1 out of 3 vehicles will be an EV by 2030

0% Royalty

We believe in growing together 

What are you waiting for? Join Statiq Franchise Program in just 8 simple Steps.




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